Hello New Year in Second life.

 I am looking forward to the New Year.  I didn’t spend as much time as I would like exploring winter destinations in Second Life.  I did decorate my cabins in the snow lands. I was so excited to get these Dead Dolls full-length winter pajamas, they even come with matching slippers. I’ve saved my outfit so every time I’m home I can quickly change.  The Christmas tree will be around a little while longer. I’m not in a rush to move it in my inventory. I know some people who keep Christmas decorations all year on their winter land. I don’t really want to do a ton of New Year's resolutions. I have things I want to work on. Better sleep is one aspect is a part of my life I need to change. I’ve opened Night Daisy SL back up. I’m gearing up for Valentine’s Day.  I really love Valentine’s Day in second life.  I love how serious couples take it to make the day super special. Plus I love valentines decorations. I hope you all have a brighter, safer New Year.