A Visit to Time Lost Cafe, Second Life

  Time lost Café is located in the historic Bay City on the Mainland in Second Life. I looked at some of the prices for buying land in Bay City, which were well over 100,000L. With so much to do in this vibrant community, it is a highly desirable place to live on Mainland. The coffee shop is a tall 6-story eclectic building. There is plenty of seating. The mismatched designs of the chairs remind me of my favorite real-world city café that would add ever-changing vintage furniture.   It makes the café feel cozier and more enjoyable. The design is Chicago inspired, with industrial and clock elements. I think the café really shines in its artwork displays. 

  There is also an art gallery directly across from the coffee shop. You can even purchase some of the artwork; the price of the paintings I clicked on is 450L. There also is a lovely couple of outdoor seating areas. My favorite is the seating on the 5th floor. The seating does give out espresso and wine glasses and has some relaxation and conversation poses. If you are looking for a city café with lots to do in the area, this is one to put on your visit list. I like to explore Bay City and end up at Time Lost Cafe. This makes it feel like I'm visiting the city for the day. This would be a lovely spot to bring your friends or date. It is especially nice that there is a nice-sized art gallery on the same land. I have a video that I made of this location down below. 




Outfit Credits:

Head:     lel EvoX Lilly 3.1
Shoes:   Cult: Anise
Outfit:   Blueberry - In Control - Skirt and Top
Body:    Maitreya
Hair:      Stealthic - Harmony 
Jewelry: Cae :: Basics - Solitaire