Happy New Year!

 This year I have decided to scale back my Christmas. Fewer gifts, running around, and more time spent at home with my family. We made our ornaments on our pink Christmas tree. In Second Life, I added a few decorations to my parcel house, but overall I have spent little time in virtual space. When I do, it's nice to visit my home, catch a show, and visit the stunning winter sims. Snow in real life has made my area so pretty, and I'm lucky to have a local farm make the best eggnog for my lattes. The only thing I will do this year is clean and plan for next year to travel more. I'm so grateful for my home, family, and health. Today is December 31st, and I'm leaving my tree up and buying some New Year's deco to celebrate with the family. I hope to get a couple of new years photos of my Avatar and attend a virtual celebration with some friends. The amount of self-work I have been doing this winter has been challenging. Focusing on my mental health has been my top priority. I'm a bit exhausted, which has made things quiet in my realm with my online friends. In the end, it will be worth it. I wish you all a fabulous New Year and a wonderful holiday season. 

I'm practically fond of this coat by Tetra Cara, and I used the legacy deformers to fit the Maitreya size.  

Head:     Lelutka EvoX Lilly 
Outfit:   Tetra Cara Fur Coat
Body:     Legacy Mesh Body
Hair:     Magika - Oats
Necklace: Celestina