A Ice Princess lives in Second Life.

I have always been fascinated by ice dancing. I love the tiara and fairy princess outfits. Real life is a different story. I fall terribly and quite clumsy on my feet. It would be a amazing to do a spin and jump in real life. In second life I can live out my fantasy of being an ice dancer. I created a dance video for inspiration. This is sim is quite stunning. I met some really nice SL ice skaters who gave me pointers on how to spin and jump. One them recommended some nice sims to skate on.  Love you mermaids!


Da vinci Gardens


Style & Me' Star Tiara (Diamond) Glow

(NO) Flower Princess Lace Tutu - Add On

:KH: Ice Skate AO

Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V4.1

SKha Left Skate
SKha Right Skate