Cozy Fall Coffee Shops: Virtual coffee.

  Fall season in second life is the best. Pumpkin lattes, muffins, cakes and so many delicious treats. I love to visit Second life coffee shops for relaxing and studying. Some people might say it’s strange but I find that it’s very relaxing to have it in the background. During Covid, going to a coffee shop is risky business. So I can visit a second life coffee shop in the Safety of my own home. I have included a video down below with a couple of my favorite second life spots. I hope to do more videos in the future of the amazing gorgeous virtual coffee shops on the grid. The photo I took is at Burrows Coffee shop, the scenery is so beautiful there.  I highly recommend visiting a virtual coffee shop, just to be around others and relax. You will find that the environment is quite really realistic. Get on your warm sweater and snuggle by the Fireplace. Maybe I’ll run into you:)

Outfit Credits: 


 Sweater: Pixicat, cardigan, cream 

 Balaclava, nerdy glasses tortoise shell

 Cae, Basics Solitaire

 ISO,  Livie Jeans, black 



Hair: Stealthic - Mayhem 

Head - Logo Chelsea

Here is a video I created of my a couple of my favorite virtual coffee shops in second life.