An Evening At Hotel Adlon, 1920's Berlin Project Second Life

I recently stayed the evening at the beautiful Hotel Adlon in Second Life. It's a virtual hotel that pays homage to the real Hotel Adlon. I love that each room had a balcony view. Hearing the city sounds and trolley provided such an authentic experience. The room was 150L per evening and exceptionally efficiently to book. You just make your way to the reception and pay the cube. I was impressed by the Dutchie bed and bath. The bed and bath are PG; however, there are many romantic RP poses. I spent the evening reading and drinking wine and tea. I woke up early the next day to check out and had lunch in the luxurious hotel restaurant. My favorite part of the meal was the made in-house ravioli. I had room for dessert and ended with a lovely vanilla cake and coffee. I like to stay at a virtual hotel for a break up of all the projects I complete in SL. I love hotels in RL and have been so impressed by the realism of hotels in Second life. There was a period dress code in the 1920s Berlin Project. They also provide free clothing at the landing point. I love the flapper-style clothing era, so this wasn't an issue.

I also created a video for you to experience Hotel Adlon.