Rose Quartz - Properties, Lore, Meaning and Uses


  Rose quartz is a powerful stone of love and compassion. The astrological sign is Taurus and Libra. In one Greek mythology, Cupid and Eros brought rose quartz to humans to spread love and hope to the world. The pink color represents the heart charka but works with balancing all chakras focusing on Yin and yang. Often times we think of the love and attention we receive from others. Neglecting the relationships we have with ourselves. Rose quartz helps with having self-compassion and kindness and quiets the internal critic. This, in turn, will result in having more compassion and empathy for others. Rose quartz benefits include:

  • Gentle but strong vibrations that assist in soothing sadness and anxiety.
  • Cooling calming energy that works to remove negativity and encourage self-love.
  • The placement of stone in the home helps create more harmony and balance amongst family and relationships.
  • Assist with healing heartache and trauma. 

  I hope this help in your self-healing journey. You can always wear jewelry with rose quartz to emit that gentle, loving energy. Having the stone directly against the skin is the most effective way. You can even carry a stone with you and hold it in times of worry. 


Items:    Bazar - Tarot Cards: 
                Candle Cauldron - Rose Quartz Sphere and holder
                Dahlia - Crystal Water Bottle - Maggie Cupcake
                 Chez Moi -  Sleeping Cat

Head:      Lelutka EvoX Lilly 3.1
Outfit:     Dead Doll - Joanne Shorts - Sibilla Top
Shoes:      Fri. - Romy Sandals
Body:       Legacy Mesh Body
Hair:        Stealthic - Searching 

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