History of Samhain And Traditions

  Samhain is an ancient Celtic festival honoring the midway mark of the autumn equinox and winter equinox. Samhain begins in the Northern Hemisphere in the evening from October 31st - November 1st. However, places in the world may celebrate Samhain on different dates. Others may change the dates according to the full moon or new moons for the year. It is also now known as the festival of the dead. On this day veil between the living and the dead is the thinnest. Ancestors and deceased loved ones travel to see their loved ones. The Celtics would light large bonfires to ward off harmful spirits and fairies known as Aos si. They would wear masks and costumes when traveling at night to Trick, the wandering souls. Ghoulish scary faces were carved turnips to ward off the benign spirits.

Below are ways you can celebrate Samhain.

Have a dumb supper

I plan to do a longer blog post on this beautiful tradition. Essentially a dumb supper is a dinner for the dead. It is a time to welcome your deceased loved ones and ancestor's to have dinner with you. Their favorite food is present in front of empty seats. In the beginning, cast a circle and silence all speaking and electronics. A silent prayer to honor the spirit follows at the end. Many people also leave food for pet spirits. Another option is remembering the spirits of loved ones you knew in virtual spaces and visiting spaces they hold dear and returning home to create a virtual dinner at home for them to visit. 

Enjoy Apples

Apples are considered sacred magical fruit, representing immortality and life. The Celtics buried apples to provide food for spirits waiting to be born into the land of the living. Consider serving your guests delicious apple dishes and decorating with them.

Create an Altar

 Create an altar with pictures of your loved ones you would like to honor: light candles and accent your altar with acorns and apples. Black candles symbolize protection and mark the end of the harvest and our travels into darkness, emerging to celebrate Yule when the Sun god is reborn and the return of the light. 

Use Divination Tools.

Tarot Cards and crystal balls are just one method of communicating the dead. Journal the messages given and use them as a map for the following year. Reread the notes throughout the year for motivation.

Make a Besom Broom

You can purchase a Besom Broom from a handmade artist or make it yourself. Traditionally made from birch, the sweeping motion removes old stagnant negative energy. We are cleansing the spaces and creating room for more positive energy.

How do you celebrate Samhain? I'm excited to see Witches balls and get-togethers happening again after Covid. Don't be afraid to add or change your Samhain traditions and note changes to your book of shadows. 

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