My First Virtual Zumba Class, Second Life

My first Zumba class with Tula Dexing was last Sunday. I’ve wanted to take a course for a while and was pleasantly surprised when a friend informed me that a class would start in 15 minutes. The class did not disappoint, and I am glad I could make it. 

We arrived at a beautiful skybox gym with a dance studio. There were many dance pads to sit on and activate the animation. It will then prompt you to allow the instructor to move to synchronize with the other avatars. The music was outstanding, and I found myself dancing and following the activities on my screen. The class had a good crowd of people attending. It felt more like a party than a workout class. Tula did an excellent job, and the music selection went well the movements. I took the class on Sunday (12 -1 slt ) ( 3-4 pm est). I made a short video below of my time. I will take more classes in the future and highly recommend taking Zumba in SL. 


Head:    Lelutka EvoX Lilly 3.1
Outfit:  Blueberry - Georgina - Yoga Pants
         Blueberry - Group Gift - Tank Top 
Body:    Legacy Mesh Body
Hair:    Stealthic - Mayhem