Welcome November!

 The leaves are changing color and have fallen. I had a relaxing Halloween and connected with my friends in SL. I am ready for November and the coming Snow.  

Real life has had some unexpected challenges, like a dishwasher that broke down, and trying to get it fixed has been difficult. I’m trying to get to our house for the winter and finish classes. Ultimately I’m grateful and try to keep that energy. The minor little hiccups trip me up, lol. I find handwashing dishes relaxing. 

I have started to get the itch for creating machinima. I will hold off a little longer because I’m unsure what videos to do about virtual life. Blogging suits me nicely because I write what comes naturally. I like having a personal diary to share. 

Today I will take a long walk, enjoy nature in real life, and visit some fall destinations in SL. 

    I created a Shorts video with some of my recent photos to tide me over until I can create a longer-form video.  


Head:    Lelutka EvoX Lilly 3.1
Outfit:  Blueberry - Reachless - Stockings
         TETRA - Blossom - Denim Skirt 
         Seniha. June Sweater 

Body:    Legacy Mesh Body
Hair:    Magika - Celeste